The Best Computer Monitors

If you are confused about what computer monitor that you need to buy, we are here to help. We will let you know about the computer monitors that are worth the money, and the ones we feel are too overpriced. In general, we would say that if you have a machine that cost you anywhere from $300 to $800, you are probably good with a regular 1080p monitor. Anything more is overkill, and you are not going to see too much of a benefit from spending more on the monitor. And the good news is that these monitors are between $100 and $150.

For those who have a very high end desktop or laptop, and you want to use a monitor with that machine, we would say that going for a 1440p monitor that has a 120Hz refresh rate is the way to go. Why? Because you are going to get a dual benefit. Not only do you get a sharper screen when you are using your computer regularly, but you also get to play games and watch videos at the higher resolution. And the frame rate matters because you can go above 60FPS when you are playing games. This will help gamers who want maximum performance.

Now there are some 4K monitors that are also on the market. But if you ever see the prices of these monitors, you would be shocked. They are so expensive, and that is why we do not feel they are worth your money. The fact is that unless you have a $2000 machine, you are not going to run any game at a 4K resolution. You will get 1440p or 2160p at most, you will never get all the way to 4K. So why spend so much on a monitor when you are not even going to get much use out of it?